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The COVID period ensured that, for a long time, it was not necessary to physically hand over original documents to the customs services unless this was explicitly requested. This measure has been scaled back. In concrete terms, this means that it is again compulsory to present original documents to the customs services physically from now on.
An anti-dumping measures on certain iron or steel fasteners originating in China is to be imposed as from 18 February 2022.
Have you been wondering whether the AEO certificate could be useful for your company? Would you like to have a handy overview of all the advantages of an AEO certificate? DKM will be pleased to provide you with everything you need to know about AEO certification, the various permits, and their benefits.
Since 2021, DKM has had a partnership with AP University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to this cooperation and through workplace learning, we train young customs clerks and teach them all the customs trade tricks.
From Monday, 1 November 2021, a new regulation applies for the collection of containers via CMA CGM under customs supervision that are in the ATO Temporary Storage Facility (TSF).
Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium is a subsidiary of Sealogis Groupe. The Belgian subsidiary is specialised in international transport, freight forwarding and logistics. And international transport involves a lot of customs formalities. Sealogis Freight Forwarding Belgium enlists DKM Customs' expertise for these formalities.
Do you want to import from or export to the United Kingdom? Unfortunately, there are many rules to be followed. To make these processes easier for you, we have compiled a list of everything you have to comply with.
Bij DKM Customs krijgen we regelmatig de volgende vragen voorgeschoteld: “Wat is het EUR1-certificaat en wat is de betekenis van dit certificaat?” Below, we clarify this as best we can.
Everyone has undoubtedly experienced it before: customs has selected your container for physical verification. During such physical verification, it is compulsory to be able to present a gas-free report. This is important to guarantee the safety of customs officials and quayside agents.
DKM Customs does not have an office in the Netherlands. For this reason, we have been cooperating with a partner in Rotterdam and Schiphol for many years regarding declarations in the Netherlands.
As soon as a vessel has been loaded on board, it is officially loaded for customs. The vessel’s departure date is irrelevant.
DKM BVBA has direct and fiscal representation. We will be pleased to explain to you in detail what this entails.
We investigated the various options for meeting the increasing demand from our clients for the possibility of customs clearance on camion. Due to the lack of our own ALUP permit and our current location, we had to look for an alternative. This resulted in a cooperation with Keurpunt.
Embassy Freight is a freight forwarder that unburdens clients who buy and sell goods abroad with logistics. Each transport is different; Embassy Freight focuses on the smooth running of all phases of the transport process, including the jumble of customs formalities. The forwarder can rely on DKM Customs' expertise and has done so for more than 15 years.
At DKM, we understand that our clients want to track and trace their dossiers themselves. and thus provide a free track and trace system.
New update: The British government has now announced that these new import rules and border controls will be postponed from 1 April to 1 October and 1 January.
To be able to import smoothly from the UK, the point of entry must have a valid customs location. The terminals in Antwerp and Zeebrugge have the necessary locations.
To be able to export to the UK smoothly, the loading place must have an ALP. The export declaration must be drawn up only when the goods are physically present at this ALP.
There are still many uncertainties regarding the formatting and discharge of transit declarations to the UK. Due to the great lack of clarity at the export offices, it is not always clear where the T1 should be closed.
We take care of your export declaration, provide assistance during checks and take care of your export confirmation follow-up. We also assist you with advice on trade embargoes, certificates, and other export-related issues.
We can also provide the necessary declarations for goods under customs supervision (= not yet released for free circulation). We submit the declarations electronically via the NCTS system at the time you request.
When importing goods from outside the European customs union, do not forget your import formalities! We will calculate the necessary import duties and VAT and file the required declarations.


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