DKM Customs sponsors triathlete Mike Ley

DKM Customs is a big fan of sports. Football World Cup, Olympic Games, athletics games... We are always in the front row! We already knew that DKM sponsors the Borgerhout/GW korfball team, but now we also support triathlete Mike Ley. With a career spanning almost 20 years, Mike has already achieved a lot. That is why we would like to let him tell his story. So be sure to read on and enjoy!

"My career as a triathlete started in 2005 when I went to watch a race in Brasschaat. When I saw all the athletes, I immediately thought: "I want to do this too". I started training and my first race was a 1/8 triathlon. After that, the bug got hold of me immediately. After doing several 1/4 and 1/2 triathlons, I soon realised that I wanted to switch to the bigger stuff. In May 2007 I was at the start of my very first Iron Man and this in Lanzarote!

During all those years that I have been doing triathlon, I had one clear goal: participating in the World Championships in Hawaii. And yes, I am proud to say that I will be going to Hawaii in October, because in Copenhagen I finished in the last 6 of my age group and was able to qualify for this championship. I am therefore very proud to say that I have achieved my goal!

Of course the joy couldn't end after my qualification for the world championships in Hawaii, but the costs for this quickly become very high. With DKM Customs as a sponsor this cost is less heavy. I never saw myself as an athlete affiliated with a club. I prefer to train on my own with the help of a personal coach. This is also possible thanks to DKM's sponsorship. Another nice extra is that I can now run races in my own uniform. I'm very proud to wear my sponsor's logo!

Have you been sitting with the idea of starting triathlon, running races, long distance or not? Or did reading Mike's story trigger you to get your running shoes out too? Then Mike has some tips for you:

"Always continue to believe in yourself and your own abilities. Iron Man's slogan is as follows: 'Anything is possible'. And they are certainly right about that. My jersey also bears the text 'Dreams come true'. Do you want something? Then believe you can do it and you will see that no challenge is too big!"

The entire DKM team wishes Mike the best of luck in the Iron Man in Hawaii. Besides being a sponsor, we are from now on also a loyal supporter!