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A while back Customs received several questions regarding the preparation of customs declarations for cargo ex-Russia. These questions showed that it is not yet clear that no commercial release can be made for such shipments without the explicit prior approval of the customs services.
The competent authorities of the Member States and the European Commission decided that wood and wood products originating from Russia, Belarus and the militarily occupied territories of Ukraine can no longer be released for free circulation in the Union if the "due diligence system" was not fully completed by May 6, 2022.
In the context of the current sanctions against Russia, the General Administration of Customs and Excise developed a practical procedure for the import of oil and oil products in bulk from Russia or of Russian origin.
Were you still 100% convinced that phase 3 of the Brexit would not be delayed? Then we must sadly disappoint you, or make you very happy. The third phase of the Brexit normally started on July 1, 2022, but this date has been postponed once again. What this all means exactly and how this came about, we are happy to explain to you.