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On October 31, 2022, the new CN nomenclature was published in the Official Journal of the EU. You can find the tables of the commodity codes that change from Jan. 1, 2023 at our useful documents.
DKM Customs is a big fan of sports. Football World Cup, Olympic Games, athletics games... We are always in the front row! We already knew that DKM sponsors the Borgerhout/GW korfball team, but now we also support triathlete Mike Ley. With a career spanning almost 20 years, Mike has already achieved a lot. That is why we would like to let him tell his story. So be sure to read on and enjoy!
A while back Customs received several questions regarding the preparation of customs declarations for cargo ex-Russia. These questions showed that it is not yet clear that no commercial release can be made for such shipments without the explicit prior approval of the customs services.