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DKM, a leading specialist in customs formalities, is starting a partnership with Tilleghem. CEO and shareholder Luc De Kerf, who has already managed a nice growth trajectory in recent years, remains on board as a significant shareholder. Together with Tilleghem, both further internationalization and external growth through acquisitions will be high on the agenda.
On Tuesday, 13/02/2024, EMCS will be upgraded to Phase 4.1 in all member states. EMCS is the customs platform for excise goods. Unlike the other new customs systems, this upgrade does not include a transition phase.
Following the crisis in Ukraine, the EU imposed new additional restrictive measures against Russia with an 11th sanctions package. Important in this package: the additional measures taken to prevent sanctions from being circumvented by imports through other countries. DKM Customs is happy to explain exactly what this means and what the consequences are.
A permanent customs representative? Does it really have that many advantages? Knowing all national and international regulations, avoiding risk management and thus fines, reducing lead times, mapping customs optimizations... That's work for specialists like DKM Customs. DKM Customs would like to give you 5 reasons why a dedicated customs representative can be a great added value for you too!