DKM Customs cooperates with AP University of Applied Sciences

Since 2021, DKM has had a partnership with AP University of Applied Sciences. Thanks to this cooperation and through workplace learning, we train young customs clerks and teach them all the customs trade tricks.

Bottleneck job

That the customs declarant profession is a bottleneck profession is no secret anymore. Many people have a certain image of a customs declarant: boring, dusty, dry matter... At DKM, we like to prove otherwise and show that customs is a fun profession! Because we do much more than just fill in documents.

To reinforce this, we entered into a partnership with AP University of Applied Sciences in 2021. They, too, are committed to making the education of customs declarants attractive.

Degree in Transport and Logistics

In 2019, AP University of Applied Sciences established the Transport and Logistics graduate programme in consultation with the logistics sector. This course consists of a general study year, followed by a graduation year in which the choice must be made between becoming a customs declarant or road transport planner. The programme also makes use of workplace learning. The workplace learning is spread over 3 semesters. During the first semester, the students do 2 days of practical training. During workplace learning 2 and 3, the students do 3 and 4 days of work placement per week. This way of working is ideal for combining theory and practice.

Since the establishment of this programme, the number of enrolments has grown every year. The first generation of students graduated in 2021. Thirty-five students graduated, and twenty-seven of them immediately started working for their employers. For us, this is proof that you can always find work in the customs world!

We currently also have two trainees on DKM's shop floor. Thanks to the education of AP Hogeschool, we can pass on our customs knowledge and teach them all the tricks of the trade.