Brexit phase 3 postponed until at least end of 2023

Were you still 100% convinced that phase 3 of the Brexit would not be delayed? Then we must sadly disappoint you, or make you very happy. The third phase of the Brexit normally started on July 1, 2022, but this date has been postponed once again. What this all means exactly and how this came about, we are happy to explain to you.

What is phase 3 of the Brexit?

The third phase of the Brexit brought with it a number of measures. We are happy to list them for you:

  • Mandatory sanitary and phytosanitary controls
  • Physical controls on shipments of meat, eggs, dairy products, fishery products and many (by)products of animal origin
  • Physical checks for live animals and 'low risk' agricultural goods at UK designated border checkpoints

Please note that all controls introduced in phases 1 and 2 of the Brexit will of course remain in place.

When will phase 3 start?

When exactly phase 3 of the Brexit will start, we cannot say at this time. What we do know is that it will definitely not be before the end of 2023. The reason for this? The war in Ukraine and ever-rising energy prices.

This fall, the British government is publishing a Target Operating Model. This model entails an improved regime for import controls at the border and also tells us more about how and when the UK will introduce this regime. It is expected that this new regime will apply gradually from the end of 2023. Specifically, the new regulation applies to goods from the EU and goods from the rest of the world.

Have you already started preparing for this third phase? If so, we recommend that you put these preparations on hold for the time being.

At DKM we are meanwhile closely following all new developments regarding the Brexit. Through our online channels (LinkedIn and Facebook) and via our website, we will always keep you informed.

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