Embassy Freight and DKM; cooperation of more than 15 years

Embassy Freight is a freight forwarder that unburdens clients who buy and sell goods abroad with logistics. Each transport is different; Embassy Freight focuses on the smooth running of all phases of the transport process, including the jumble of customs formalities. The forwarder can rely on DKM Customs' expertise and has done so for more than 15 years.

The jumble of customs formalities

Linda Peeters, Operations Manager at Embassy Freight, explains why the company cooperates with DKM: "Keeping in line with the necessary customs formalities is not an excessive luxury, it is a must. We need several documents every day, normal procedures, but often also special procedures. This material changes so often, which makes it extremely pleasant to be able to count on experts who closely follow the updates on a daily basis."

DKM Customs draws up several documents for Embassy Freight every day and assists them with every customs question, whether import, export or transit-related.

Trust is the keyword

Finding the right customs partner is not an easy job, as customs formalities can either speed things up or make the process grind to a halt. With imports, the customs broker is the first link in the process. All customs documents must be in order before anything else can happen to the products being shipped. With exports, it is the last link. Therefore, trust is the keyword that makes the cooperation between DKM and Embassy a great success.

After 15 years, both parties know each other inside out. "Both at Embassy and DKM, many people have a certain seniority. I have been working with Luc De Kerf and Kristof Ghys for several years. That makes communication easy and less formal. Have we got a problem or a question? We call them right away. The expertise and the speed with which DKM acts is their biggest asset. But still, the less telephone contact we have, the better because that means that everything is running smoothly and on autopilot."

Automated procedures thanks to the same IT system

DKM and Embassy Freight work with the same IT system: Stream software. This common factor simplifies and speeds up procedures considerably. When, for example, import duties have to be paid on a customs document, this is automatically processed in Embassy's accounts. This proves that the most complicated processes can also be followed smoothly and user-friendly by two parties and in real-time!