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DKM is the benchmark in Flanders for customs formalities, partly thanks to its years of experience and pioneering role. We act as a confidential advisor in a 100% independent and neutral way.

DKM will also help you answer your questions concerning Brexit today. You can count on our professionals throughout every stage of your import or export process. 

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Following the crisis in Ukraine, the EU imposed new additional restrictive measures against Russia with an 11th sanctions package. Important in this package: the additional measures taken to prevent sanctions from being circumvented by imports through other countries. DKM Customs is happy to explain exactly what this means and what the consequences are.
A permanent customs representative? Does it really have that many advantages? Knowing all national and international regulations, avoiding risk management and thus fines, reducing lead times, mapping customs optimizations... That's work for specialists like DKM Customs. DKM Customs would like to give you 5 reasons why a dedicated customs representative can be a great added value for you too!
Technologies are nice, but as soon as they stop working, it's a different matter. NCTS (New Computerized Transit System) also needs a thorough update. To comply with the UCC, the transit document system must be updated. The NCTS-project falls under the umbrella of NCTS P5 (Phase 5) and is currently going live in Belgium on 11/29/2023. What all this means? DKM Customs is happy to explain it to you!
CBAM, a new European Union climate levy, is officially in the starting blocks. But what exactly does this CBAM mean? What is the purpose of this? And what changes will all this bring for you? DKM Customs is happy to explain it to you in concrete terms.


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TARBEL – Belgian customs tariff

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