Customs a specialised profession

International business involves highly specifi c customs regulations. Indeed, there are many economic, fi nancial, fi scal and health regulations. In some cases there are strict embargos in place. Moreover, these rules and regulations are subject to a permanent maelstrom of change. An increasing number of companies multinationals included have a diffi cult time keeping up and they have made a conscious choice to outsource all the procedures to external specialists. Not only to be in line with legislation, but also to avoid unnecessary costs and delays through inadequate information. DKM Customs presents itself as the perfect outsourcing partner three areas: customs procedures and customs management, consultancy and fiscal representation.


Customs procedures and customs management

Annually DKM Customs prepares over 50,000 customs documents for imports, exports and transits. We organise all your customs- and other procedures. Fast, effi cient, correct and fl exible are our core slogans. We will also assist your company and propose ways to optimise your international trade. We are your professional intermediary and we will conduct negotiations with customs services concerning import duties and licences. In short: we off er full customs management.


DKM Customs also offers its knowledge and experience with regard to customs in the way of consultancy projects. Do you have your own internal customs services and would you like to improve performance? What is the best option: your own management or outsourcing? Are there any problems with regard to customs? We will investigate these and other questions and will provide a coherent report with the correct analyses and answers.

Fiscal representation

Foreign companies facing Belgian VAT-taxes can call in DKM Customs as a fi scal representative. We will act in your name for the submission and payment of import duties and other administrative obligations. For you, a foreign company, this means a signifi cant reduction with regard to VAT-pre-fi nancing. Your cash fl ow will not be unnecessarily burdened.