Guaranteed quality thanks to AEO

BE AEOF 0000064 GDA
DKM Customs was awarded the European Authorized Economic Operator label. Apart from a quality guarantee, this recognition entails many other advantages for you. For instance, our clients will have to undergo fewer material- and document checks and they will have priority with regard to material checks. The label provides you with recognition as a safe trading partner and ensures the best relations with customs services.

Prompt and tailor-made work

DKM Customs deliberately works with a small, solid team. We keep our lines of communication and decision lines to an absolute minimum. This makes our work prompt and provides our clients with quality, tailor-made work. Before a customs document leaves our premises, it is subjected to one standard built-in extra check. This approach results in a minimum of claims for damages and corrections.

Focus on automation

DKM Customs has a strong belief in automation. Our paper trail has been fully digitalised and we have realised the ultimate paperless offi ce. We have a modern network infrastructure and the appropriate specialised software to submit all declarations digitally.

For goods that are presented repeatedly, we off er the smart declaring option to our clients. After establishing a safe connection between our networks and importing the necessary parameters, there is no more human intervention in the creation of the documents. In this case, DKM Customs is responsible for the checking and follow-up. This modern system requires a one-off investment, but it ensures prompt processing and low costs per declaration.