Conducting Business without borders

As an independent and impartial customs agent, DKM Customs offers a comprehensive service in conducting customs procedures and fiscal representation. Managing Directors Eddy Mees and Luc De Kerf share over 37 years of experience regarding customs aff airs. In 2008, the two partners established DKM Customs. Maximum customer service and a strong focus on automation are the robust foundation DKM Customs relies on.

Apart from the speedy, correct and effi cient organisation of any necessary documents, we keep adding that little bit extra. We strongly believe in optimised ‘customs management’. Correct declarations with minimum costs to you are our incentive. We are also available for any of your customs-related consultancy projects.

As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) customs services have given us their full trust and we will guide you through all the intricacies of international trade and customs regulations. If you are serious about conducting business without borders, choose to do business with DKM Customs.

All available know-how

Apart from the two managers’ years of experience, DKM customs has a highly qualifi ed team of twelve employees. All specialised knowledge is available in-house. This motivated team is there for you every day to ensure the speedy organisation of customs procedures. Our head offi ce is in Antwerp, close to the port. There is also a branch in Zeebrugge. We serve all our clients from these two locations.

Long-term Partnerships

In just a few years, DKM Customs has developed a large and diversifi ed client portfolio. We work for forwarding- and logistics companies, and also for shippers. Many well known production- and distribution companies use our services.

We strive for long-term partnerships with all our clients, based on mutual trust. Both small and medium-sized and multinationals feel at home with our personalised service. Geographically speaking, we aim for clients from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany dealing with import, export and transits via sea-, air-, and land transport.

We offer the possibility to place people ‘in house’. This person will perform all the necessary preparations on location with the assistance of the manpower and knowledge from our Antwerp back office.